The Skirt

I’ve worked a retail job for many years.  If you talk to anyone who has done this sort of thing for awhile, they will tell you that although the pay, hours and all that standing is a lousy way to make a buck, they love the job.  I couldn’t explain to you why it has … Read moreThe Skirt

Seize The Day

Mallie Bee and I were discussing Tuesdays.  Worse than Mondays for both of us.  Here’s a little jump start to that day that vexes us every week.  I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, when I grow up I want to be like this kid…………

The Grandmas

The first time my mom went to my dad’s house she thought his family was rich because their house was so nice.  Not even close.  My grandpa was a mechanic for the city bus line.   My dad used to say that my mom’s mom could make a ten course meal at the drop of her … Read moreThe Grandmas

Judge Not

I’m not saying I bought one of these at full price but I may have seen it deeply discounted at CVS awhile ago and it might have fallen into my cart.  Dr. Oz stated on his show yesterday that this product, without question, does not work to make your neck slimmer.  I can neither confirm … Read moreJudge Not

Pay It Forward

My husband’s very first Phd. grad student is currently on active duty in Afghanistan.  He has been in the reserves for years and is in his late 30s, married with a daughter.  He is a great guy and we worry about him over there.  He sends letters out through a mass list that are more … Read morePay It Forward

Spring Cleaning

Spring has made an appearance and with that, our annual cleaning of the garage.  Annual is exaggerating.  We clean it when you can’t set foot in there.  I’m a clean freak.  Big Daddy….not so much.  He thinks this is a big waste of time but he’s close to the season when he’s gonna want to … Read moreSpring Cleaning